Team Four General Contracting Company stands out with its impressive history and experience. Founded in 2020, it has quickly become one of the prominent companies in its field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company is passionately committed to achieving its vision of being the top contender in its industry by offering high-quality services and innovative solutions.

The company’s team comprises specialized experts and experienced engineers in the design and construction of theaters, lecture halls, conference facilities, and cinemas. It also provides innovative solutions in audiovisual technology, smart control systems, lighting, security solutions, and digital transformation. With its practical and academic expertise, the company has a unique capability to meet customer needs and deliver solutions that surpass expectations. It is known for its integrated services covering design, execution, operation, and maintenance, all delivered with the highest standards of quality and safety.

We understand what brands need, and we bring this insight into our production capabilities, reflecting the brand’s image in all the event elements, including design, production, and material used, to make the event come alive.

en+ is fully committed to delivering product solutions that exceed all expectations and set a benchmark for future projects.


Our vision is to be leaders in innovation and excellence in our industry, contributing to the realization of Saudi Vision 2030. Through sustainable development and the provision of innovative solutions that meet the aspirations of our customers and exceed their expectations, we strive to build a bright future

that contributes to the economic, social, and environmental progress of Saudi society.


Our strategy aims to achieve excellence and success by developing exceptional and inspiring teams, and fostering collaboration with our partners to achieve sustainable growth. We strive to deliver innovative and integrated solutions, and we believe in sustainability and quality as core values. 

Our relentless pursuit of maintaining our reputation as a reliable and committed company drives us to passionately pursue our goals with distinction. 


  1. Performing all general contracting works and providing specialized and integrated services in the design and implementation of theaters, lecture halls, conference venues, audiovisual technology, smart control systems, and lighting.
  2. Alignment with the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 in the economic and technological transformation through digitalization, and enhancing sustainable development.
  3. To build strong and sustainable relationships with the Saudi community, enhance community engagement, and develop local talent in our specialized sectors.

4. To lead and innovate in our industry through research and development, delivering new and innovative solutions to meet customer needs and achieve their goals.

5. To achieve sustainable growth and expand our market share by expanding our service offerings and enhancing our operational and technical capabilities.


Theaters, Halls, and Cinema

We offer services in the design, execution, and equipping of theaters, lecture halls, conference facilities, and cinema halls with the latest technological systems and global decor solutions.

Audiovisual, Lighting, and Control Systems:

We provide specialized services and innovative solutions in the field of audiovisual technology, smart control systems, lighting, security, and digital transformation. With our experience and dedicated experts, we strive to deliver unique and stunning experiences for our clients.